Looking Straight Into The Light – Spock”s Beard – The Light

5 Mar

Looking Straight Into The Light – Spock”s Beard – The Light

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It was first broadcast on 8 January, 2012 on BBC One. But is a monstrous hound really stalking Dartmoor? Something terrible has happened to Henry Knight. Sherlock and John interview the Dartmoor locals at a local vegetarian restaurant and inn and find that the hound has become a local legend with a guide who takes people on treks around the moor. The pair then visits the nearby Baskerville Military Base. Sherlock gains access using an ID card taken from Mycroft Holmes.

Later on that night, Sherlock and John visit Henry Knight, who tells them about the words “Liberty” and “In” he sees in his dreams. Sherlock convinces Henry to visit the moor in the hope of confronting the beast. Along the way, John gets distracted and follows his own path where he notices what seems to be a Morse-code signal. Meanwhile, Sherlock and Henry arrive at the center of the hollow, where they suddenly hear growling. That night, at the inn, Sherlock is visibly shaken and he confesses that he actually saw the hound. John pursues the Morse-like signals, which turn out to be unrelated headlight flashes.

On his way back, Sherlock asks John to interview Henry’s therapist, Dr Louise Mortimer. During the interview, Dr Frankland drops by and blows John’s cover, revealing him to be Sherlock’s assistant, which causes Mortimer to leave. In the morning, Sherlock suggests that “hound” might not be a name, but an acronym. He also claims that the dog he saw was not just large and black with red eyes, but also emitting a sort of eerie glow. The pair run into DI Greg Lestrade who was sent to Dartmoor by Mycroft to keep an eye on Sherlock.

Using an ID pass ‘borrowed’ from Mycroft, Sherlock gains access to Baskerville for 24 hours despite Major Barrymore’s anger. In the lower levels of the facility, John investigates the genetics labs where he observes various cages for test animals and a few leaking gas pipes in a confined chamber. As he leaves the chamber, he is stunned by a glaring light and a screeching siren. Trying to leave the lab, he finds his pass-card access denied. They confront Dr Stapleton, who admits that genetic mutation experiments were conducted on animals. Sherlock now believes that the hound was a manifestation of a drug that causes hallucinations, contained in Henry Knight’s sugar bowl, but analysis of the sugar reveals nothing. Sherlock reaches the conclusion that the words ‘Liberty’ and ‘In’ seen by Henry in his dreams stand for Liberty, Indiana.