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What you Get from Integrated EDI Systems

An Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a great resource for any business, as it makes it possible to enjoy seamless, fast and better-organized data exchange between businesses. The old manual entry of data lacks efficiency since it takes up too much time and needs too many hands to complete. EDI enables the automatic synchronization of data inbound and outbound between the business and the branches, partners and other business entities.
There are several advantages one gets to enjoy when they have an integrated EDI system.
You will at first notice improved accuracy. Errors in the data your company relies on can cause some significant losses. You can see it where an erroneous order for thousands of a certain item make it to your warehouses. If however you could send accurate instructions from your ERP to the supplier through an ERP system, such mistakes would be avoided. Once you reduce manual operations, accuracy levels tend to increase.
There is also the added efficiency to your operations. An integrated EDI system needs less time in manual input of the necessary data. You can see how inefficient a manual input system is when you look at a standalone kind. You can also automate some of the functions in the EDI system, such as scheduling for weekly reports, or placing orders when your stock gets to a certain level. It is how you find that orders being placed faster, delivery time decreasing, operations moving swiftly, and better relationships with the suppliers, distributors, and other partners.
The system allows for reduced costs. The minute you take away the costs associated with paperwork, you significantly reduce the expenses the company faces. There is also faster communication through the EDI system, which gets you to control costs through a more streamlined inventory and shorter order processing and delivery timeframe. The added benefit of improved accuracy in an integrated EDI system makes for fewer errors in the orders; thus fewer loses in the process.
Data security is also assured. Through EDI systems you will pass along sensitive company info in the most secure channels. If you used any other system; you would not guarantee an unauthorized person would not tap into your channels. They would be in a position to harm your business grievously. But an integrated EDI system keeps such risk out by giving you control over the permissions you grant each user. You can assign levels of access, and take away said access as you see fit.
It is clear your business will benefit from the shift from manual data entry and paperwork usage to the paperless and integrated EDI system. Such advantages allow your business to perform better in the market, to establish stronger ties with your suppliers and other stakeholders, and your management of the business improves.

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